Arizona is rich in minerals. There are numerous lost mines and ghost towns that supported the mines. I have included the ghost towns and abandoned mines in the artifact sites. The lost mines are listed in a section called Lost Mines. The more famous and richest lost mines will have their own section (Lost Dutchman, etc..).




Arivaca Treasure


Black Jack Ketchum Stash


Bonita's Gold


Bronco Canyon Nuggets


Buckhorn Ranch


Carretta Canyon Treasure


Cerro Colorado Mine Bullion


Cienega Brothers Payroll


Cottonwood Gold Bottles


Fort Huachuca Treasure


Fort Mojave


Guadalupe Treasure


Guevavi Mission Treasure


Hunt & Grounds


Jesuit gold near Ajo


La Esmeralda Church Treasure


Lost Dutchman Mine


Lost Laguna Treasure


Lost Treasure of Telegraph Pass


Montezuma's Aztec Treasure


Montezuma's Head


Mission San Xavier del Bac


Patagonia Prospector's Gold


The Peralta Lost Vein


Rancho de los Yumas Gold


San Bernardino Hacienda


Sunlit Cave Treasure


Tumacacori Mission Tunnel


Vail Wells Fargo


Wagoner Mining Camp


Watson’s Bag o' Gold


Willcox Gold


Yuma Crossing


Artifact Sites


Lost Mines