Andrus Island


Big Flat


Cachuma Creek


Cahuenga Pass


Calico Gold


Calistoga Robbery


Candle Holder Treasure


Castle Crags


Chalk Cliffs


Fisher Gulch


Freeman’s Gulch


Freeman’s Junction


Freeman Raymond’s Stage Station


French Crossing


Gordier Ranch


Hall City Cave


Lassen Ranch


Lost Lake of Gold


Mariposa Gold Slugs


Mission San Luis Obispo


Mollie Stevens


Mount Ophir Mint




New River


Pickett’s Hoard


Rattlesnake Dick


Robber’s Roost


The Ruggles Brothers


Russian Gulch


The Saddlemaker’s Treasure


San Marcos Pass


Santa Susanna Pass


Savage Gold


Shelter Cove


The Sing Robbery


Three Fingered Jack


Toltec Turquoise


Trinity Mountain


Vasquez Pinnacle


Vasquez Rocks




Artifact Sites