Benito Bonito

Cocos Island




Benito “Bloody Sword” Bonito was a pirate that was working the Caribbean. The British were making things difficult for him, so he decided to “‘round the Horn” and continue his unsavory practices in the Pacific. He sailed his ship, the Relampago, north and attacked both shipping and towns in the Central American coastal areas. He worked the area from 1818 to 1820, but in 1819 he pulled off his greatest robbery.


Benito learned of large hoard of gold being transported to Acapulco by mule. He simply captured the Spanish guards, had his men put on their uniforms and loaded the treasure onto his ship instead of the Spanish Ship. He sailed to Cocos Island and buried the treasure under the cliffs at Wafer Bay.


Two of his pirates were captured and sentenced to hang. In return for their lives, they led the authorities to his West Indian hideout. Benito was killed and his treasure never recovered. Estimates place a value of $300 million in gold on this treasure.